About Kalumburu

It is important to respect your hosts and their country in the same way as you would in visiting someone’s home.
Please respect people’s privacy and make it your responsibility to have the required permits and permission. When in doubt it is good practice to ask first.
Always ask before filming or taking photographs within the community or of a person, a group of people or cultural activities.
Feel free to talk to members of the community and if you wish to speak to one of the elder members, ask at the Community Resource and Visitor Centre.

Kalumburu is a dry community.
Alcohol is prohibited and cannot be consumed or possessed on the reserve or supplied to community members under any circumstances.
There will be harsh penalties if you are caught breaking these community by-laws including Police prosecution.

ACCESS Permit & visitor pass.
Access to Kalumburu requires a free transit permit obtainable from Aboriginal Lands Trust:
www.dia.wa.gov.au/Land/Entry-permits/ Phone 08 9235 8000.
A pass to stay or camp at Kalumburu or surrounding reserves is available from the Community Resource and Visitor Centre or the Uraro Store, at $50 per vehicle (subject to review).
This fee is supporting the community to be sustainable into the future.
Please place the sticker on your windscreen during your stay.


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Clement Maraltadj, Chairman of Kalumburu Aboriginal Corporation

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